Paying to have bins removed from your premises is expensive. If you have outdoor space where you can grow plants why not deal with compostables on site and save yourself money?

Whether you manage a school, a restaurant, a hospitality business, a housing scheme or a household you would benefit from an efficient composting system.

“I have worked with Nicky on a number of different composting projects over the last 15 years or so.  He is always really stimulating to work with.  He can bounce around the big ideas, setting strategic goals, developing policy etc., whilst rooting these in day to day practical hands on experience.  Nicky is someone who can get things done and make a difference.”  – Tamzin Phillips MCIWM Waste Adviser National Trust

“Nicky provided me with invaluable guidance and advice when developing the Hackney Community Composting Network. I often consulted his composting guide and would contact him if I had any queries, knowing that I could always pique his curiosity and stir his enthusiasm with composting conundrums. I knew that I could trust his recommendations for composting equipment because it all came from actual experience and a desire to come up with the best solutions for community-scale activity. These played an integral part in developing estates-based community composting schemes, but even more than this, it’s Nicky’s informed but relaxed attitude to composting that helped give me the confidence to approach and convince inner-London councils to invest in reliable and safe, resident-led composting solutions.” – Edouard Guidon senior project manager at London Community Recycling Network from 2005 to 2012