Food Waste Systems


Food waste composting

Because of concerns of attracting rats, flies and odours etc people are naturally wary of composting food waste; so, food waste is often put out in a yard into bins for disposal, where it attracts rats and flies before being picked up! If instead, systems are put in place which can deal with these problems, it can save money, solve the problem of vermin and flies, and produce a useful end product.Systems can be designed for any scale of use including: households, schools, businesses, hotels, guest houses, housing estates and prisons.

Waste Auditing

All that is needed is a baseline waste audit coupled with simple behavioural changes, which will  save money and produce useful compost.

​All that is needed is a baseline waste audit coupled with simple behavioural changes, which will  save money and produce useful compost. Whether you are an individual household or an institution it pays to have a baseline audit of how much is being thrown away. The benefits of installing a composting system far outweigh the initial challenge of changing our behaviour.​

A high rise housing estate in Hackney, London had problems with rats, flies, odours, ants and cockroaches. The Local Authority tried to persuade residents to separate out materials for recycling and composting but it took the skills of the community sector listening to the concerns of residents, ultimately involving them in a project, which resulted in all these problems being eradicated.

“Nicky provided me with invaluable guidance and advice when developing the Hackney Community Composting Network. I often consulted his composting guide and would contact him if I had any queries, knowing that I could always pique his curiosity and stir his enthusiasm with composting conundrums. I knew that I could trust his recommendations for composting equipment because it all came from actual experience and a desire to come up with the best solutions for community-scale activity. These played an integral part in developing estates-based community composting schemes, but even more than this, it’s Nicky’s informed but relaxed attitude to composting that helped give me the confidence to approach and convince inner-London councils to invest in reliable and safe, resident-led composting solutions.”
Edouard Guidon senior project manager at London Community Recycling Network from 2005 to 2012


There is legislation around composting which special consideration for food waste, however it is very straightforward if compost can be made on the site where the waste is created. So, for instance, many schools, housing estates, pubs, guest-houses and hotels have grounds which can easily use the compost created. If there is not this space then it is still not impossible but it does involve more red tape.

Dr Compost has been involved for many years and has advised all those listed above; particularly schools.