Scotty’s HotBox

All the gardening books tell you that the best composting happens in large heaps of a metre cubed size at the minimum.

In 2006 Dr Compost created Scotty’s HotBox;  the first commercially made bin at this size with a snugly fitting lid and a base  to keep out unwanted rodents and suitable for composting food waste. Originally made in Yorkshire by Steve Ross-Smith of the Worm Research Centre, it is now made in Devon from mostly recycled plastic.

Scotty’s HotBox becomes an ideal maturation bin coupled with a tumbling or turning composter or a stand alone composter for smaller situations. For more information and how to purchase, contact Nicky at

“We are completely filling one HotBox each term. This term we have started using the compost that has matured for the last 9 months, we are thrilled with the quality of the compost we have made!”

-Stoke Hill Infant School